Crystal Resonance Therapy™ Sessions

CRT™ first session and consultation:  $75
A first session and consultation can take 1-1/2 - 2 hrs of time.   Includes:

  •  Astrological chart for elemental influences

  •  Full client intake and/or history
  •  Full energy system assessment and balancing
  •  Complete layout of stones and crystals
  •  Review of stones used in your session

Subsequent CRT™ sessions:  $60 per session

  •  Client intake information
  •   Full energetic assessment and balancing
  •   Complete layout of stones and crystals
  •   Guided meditation
  •   Overview of stones used in session
  •   Plan for energetic support between sessions
  •   How to work with energetic support tools (crystals/minerals, elixirs, meditations) between sessions

Discount package to support your personal journey:  4 sessions = $200* 

To get the full range of benefits from Crystal Resonance Therapy™ it usually takes multiple sessions.  The discount package includes four follow-up sessions. The discount package requires prepayment.  Sessions must be used within 6 months of initial session.

Distance Crystal Resonance Therapy™ Session:  $80 (first session), $50 (thereafter)

  •    May be done via Skype or phone


Primary Crystal Grid Consultation:  Ask for pricing

Set and activate a crystal grid in your environment!   Whether in your home, office, room, or property - the choice is yours!   Depending on your specific needs or intention, a primary crystal grid will be created and activated!  Primary crystal grids are constructed based on the geometry of the crystals being used.  Smaller, or secondary, grids may also be placed inside the primary grid.  Crystal grids are used to enhance, diffuse, clear or activate the energy of a space. 

Crystal Ally Card Readings

Initial Reading Session (New Clients) Fee: $50  ~  A full reading is a great way to deeply explore your path, your totem stones, your direction for the year, and anything else you wish to explore.  It is an hour in length, is recorded and includes:

The Soul Path Reading  ~  This layout is similar to a birth astrological chart, in that it explores your Soul's choice of gifts and lessons for your entire lifetime.  This layout also reveals your 10 totem stones-- those crystals and minerals that are most aligned with your personal energy in this lifetime.  This part of the reading often confirms what people already know about themselves and can help you to identify what you are meant to be focusing your energy upon.

The Yearly Reading  ~  This part of the reading is an overview of the coming 12 months, including your gifts and lessons in each season, and which stones will be most aligned with your energy during specific times.  This is an excellent tool for discovering the timing of your year, including; when you will be supported in taking certain actions like changing career, relocating, or changing relationships; what challenges you may be facing during each season, and how best to learn from them and resolve them; and when to expect breakthroughs, slowdowns, or evolutionary experiences throughout the year.

Specific Questions  ~  At the end of the reading there will be a few minutes to explore any questions that were not answered in the previous readings.Type your paragraph here.

Focused Readings (Returning Clients)  Fee: $40

Returning clients may occasionally reach a choice point in their life that requires deeper information before a choice can be made.  Or, they may have made radical changes in their life based on a previous reading, and feel they need an updated snapshot reading of where they are, and where they may be headed, on their new path.  These are both appropriate situations for a focused reading.  Focused readings are generally used as an in-depth look at one or two questions.  These can be booked at any time, but should not be done more frequently than quarterly, as the energies read in the reading cover a cycle of approximately 3 months.

Focused readings can also be used for other questions or for general consultation on stones, spirituality, etc.  Focused readings are available to returning clients only.  New clients must do a full reading before they are eligible to schedule focused readings.  This allows for the proper context of the reading and much higher accuracy and insight.

Do you have a habit you want to break?  Or a new way of thinking you want to integrate into your life?  Try a PSYCH-K session - you will be amazed at the results after just one session...

PSYCH-K® provides a variety of safe and effective ways to “rewrite the software of the mind” by changing beliefs that limit you into beliefs that support you ... simply and easily.

Originated in 1988, PSYCH-K® directly facilitates communication between the conscious and subconscious portions of the mind.  It also includes processes to increase the “cross talk” between the two brain hemispheres resulting in a “whole-brain” state, dramatically reducing the resistance to changing outdated subconscious programs.

PSYCH-K® is as effective as hypnotherapy and results are much faster.

PSYCH-K® Session - 1 hour session     Fee $45